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Apparently Kansas City is a hot ticket city right now. Last week, I gushed over IKEA’s opening in September. Little did I know at the time though that West Elm just opened a store on The Plaza!

Two of my favorite home shopping destinations from Chicago = a lot of excitement to start finishing those interior design projects at our house that I never started. Oh ya, because I had babies. Two of them. A dining room table is at the top of my list at the moment along with an ottoman for our living room. Although, I’m starting to lose hope on that search…

One thing I didn’t know about West Elm is how many local designers they feature at their stores. I haven’t been to the store yet, but at their opening last week, everyone was raving about Ampersand Design (already a favorite of mine), Happy Habitat, Hammerpress and Ruff House Art on Twitter and Instagram. And I can’t blame them. Check out these goods from the store (photos via the West Elm Front + Main blog):

Right now West Elm KC is offering a 15% off offer on Facebook, so snatch it up while it lasts and report back on your #westelmlocal finds!

Forrest0315 kansas city wedding freeland photography

Photo: Photography by Mike Freeland of Freeland Photography

(the most amazing photographer in Kansas City)

Four years ago, I married my best friend. We got married in Kansas City on June 6, 2009 and it’s wonderful to be back here together starting a family. Never could I have predicted the adventures we’ve been on since we’ve been married, especially in the last year. Now in a new house, a new city and with two new little additions on the way, we’re in for an even bigger adventure. We’re both so excited for the milestones to come, but I have to admit it’s a little scary too. This anniversary is even more special as we enjoy our last few weeks with our family being just the two of us…

Soon we’re going to saying “the four of us” – eek! Everyone says how hard being parents of multiples is on a relationship, so I know it’s going to be important for us to stay connected to each other while our family grows. Fortunately, I have the best partner in the whole world to tackle dual crying, twice the midnight feedings and double the smiles. I’m looking forward to enjoying both sweet and frustrating moments together.

Our anniversary dinner last night was unfortunately put on hold because our current little darling, Cody, became suddenly ill. As we were getting ready to leave, he was acting really strange – panting, tucking his tail and hiding in the basement of our house. And he NEVER goes in the basement. So all dressed and ready to head to dinner, we decided to take him to the vet and it’s a good thing we did because he was having trouble breathing, his heart rate was through the roof and he had a bad fever. He’s stable now, but he’s still there being monitored. We’re waiting on an another update this morning on what the cause of all this is. Poor guy!

cody german shepherd mix

We definitely got our practice run in to the hospital, it just wasn’t for me. Hoping for an uneventful weekend to relax and unwind with my little family – including a welcome home for Cody!


Happy birthday to my one and only. His birthday present? A lot of snow. And his first chance to shovel our new driveway. I am so thankful for him every day. I know the next year will be a fun new adventure as parents.

We’re settling into our new house slowly but surely. Lots of little purchases – and a few big – which will add up eventually to our dream home. I would say nesting is in full force. The nursery is on my main to-do list, so more photos of that room soon!

What are you doing this lovely Sunday?

House Closing Sparkling Cider

Today we closed on our new house! I think a little sparkling cider is in order, don’t you? With the help of my fabulous friend and rock star realtor, Katie from Your Future Address, we found the perfect place to call home sweet home. Let’s quickly recap this journey.

May 2012: Moved to Kansas City. Put our condo on the market while living with my wonderful parents.

July 2012: Accepted an offer on our Chicago condo, only to be held up for 3 months while awaiting a VA government approval on his special loan. Grrr…

September 2012: Put condo back on the market for back-ups.

November 2012: Received a new offer and accepted. (Thank goodness we did because we STILL haven’t heard anything about the approval on our first buyer’s VA loan). Started looking for houses in Kansas

December 2012: Closed on our condo. Yay! Put in an offer on a new house we thought was “the one,” only to be out-bid.

January 2013: Found our real dream home! Put in an offer the second day on the market – at the same time as someone else… again! Put in our final offer and got the house.

February 2013: Inspections, negotiations, blah blah blah… closed on the house today!

I ordered these adorable moving announcement postcards from Etsy store CardsEtcetera to celebrate and share the news. Rather than ordering a set amount of custom cards, I picked a printable design that I can print myself! I think it’s safe to say after our journey here, it’s the last time we’ll be moving for awhile.

Movers are coming next weekend so we have a little time to fix a few things and get started on painting. While I’m out of town for work this weekend, Mike is taking the role as lead contractor with our paint crew (AKA his brother, my mom and his mom). We’re stopping by the house tonight before I leave to do paint samples and pick some final colors! Paint is such a definitive choice to me, but I’ve only got a short window of time before I leave which is probably a good thing. Otherwise, I would probably go back/forth forever.

Can’t wait to share the next part of our journey: nesting!

I’ve been watching the MLS house listings like a hawk (okay, maybe a stalker) this past month waiting for the perfect house to appear before my eyes. The inventory in the area we’re searching in has been low – I mean really low. As soon as decent houses are listed, they seem to be pounced on by buyers like us for showings. Unbelievable given everything you hear about the market in the news now, right? Let me tell you personally, if you are looking to sell your house in Kansas City do it now. I was shocked at how fast houses are going – at least if they’re in good shape, in a good area, etc. Winter is apparently a hot selling market here.

Back in November, we put an offer in on a house that we thought was “the one” for sure.  It had been on the market for less than a week and low and behold, someone else put an offer in the same day. What are the chances right? Well, they beat us out. Not even by a lot (to add salt to the wound).

hosue keys

Hopefully, we’ll be getting another set of these soon!

Then last week, my stalking paid off. At about 10:30 pm., my phone alerted me of a new listing as I lay in bed. I immediately emailed our amazing realtor and good friend, Katie at Your Future Address, and we set up a showing for the next day after work. It met all of our criteria, plus some! (Let’s just say our requirements changed a little bit after we found out about our twins on the way…)

The next morning we put an offer in to the sellers and wouldn’t you know… another offer had already come in! I couldn’t believe it. The house had only been listed for a day. After a lot of discussion, budgeting calculations and praying, we put in our final and best offer hoping we would edge the other buyer out. On Saturday morning, our offer was signed and accepted!!

Given the new arrivals are on their way and on a timetable, I am so relieved and happy we found a house we love. Now, we just have to make it through the next 40 days and hope that everything goes okay wtih inspections and negotiations. Next up, picking paint colors, buying furniture and all the fun stuff. Pinterest and Houzz followers, watch out!

Now that it’s officially half-way through January, it seems the new year has arrived, but our new house has not. Granted we took about a month-long break from house hunting during the holidays. So in total, we’ve only been looking for about a month and a half. We did put an offer in on one house, but unfortunately someone else put a better offer in the same day. Talk about bad timing…

You learn a lot about people when walking through their homes. It’s like a little peek into the neighbors (sometimes weird) world. Here are a few “treasures” I’ve spotted during our house hunt so far:

  • a large-scale cowhide on a bathroom floor
  • the same awkward maternity photo over and over again about 15 times throughout the same house, in multiple rooms
  • the first washer and dryer ever invented (okay, maybe not the first, but these were o-l-d)
  • a life-size Danica Patrick cardboard cut-out
  • a full room dedicated to creepy doll-size furniture (we later saw all of the dolls stored in a closet)

So the hunt continues! I just keep pinning dream spaces like the kitchen below, day dreams of my beloved home office and hoping that we find just the right fit in the weeks to come.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Happy birthday to my brother who turned 30 over the weekend. We embarrassed him with balloons and public attention. Can’t you tell he’s just thrilled?


We also went out to the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday for a bit of tailgating. It was surprisingly cold (if you can’t tell my stylish hat, scarf and mittens), but tons of fun. The only thing missing was my oldest brother who lives out in California. Yeah, don’t feel bad for him.


pat jen mike carrie

Next up, Vegas! Funny enough, my brother-in-law is also turning 30 this week. We’re making a whole family vacation out of it. I’ll be going by Nick Papageorgio for the next few days. I’ve still got lots of packing and hydrating to do. Plenty of sequins and sparkle to come…

“Changing $500!”

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