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It’s probably a good thing I’m super pregnant right now because summer clothing season is in full force and my natural instinct to buy new clothing is in full bloom. Madewell is having a seize-the-day sale today only with 40% off some of their summer must-haves. It’s definitely worth checking out -plus free shipping! Here are a few pieces that caught my eye:

Madewell Summer Must Have Sale

easy tee in dots & stripes $29.50
mini-bow ring $9.50
han kjøbenhavn timeless sunglasses $80.50
etchstamp studs $10.50

What pregnant mom-to-be doesn’t want a super stylish diaper bag? Sure, I might look like a complete mess for the first six months, but hey if my “mom accessories” are chic, then I might just look put together when I finally do get brave enough to leave the house with two babies, right? (Okay, maybe I live in delusion-land…)

My present to myself this mother’s day (among the other baby things still on my list) is a practical, chic, black diaper bag. I researched several options, both in-store and online, and landed on this Lesportsac Ryan Diaper Baby Bag in Black. It looks big enough to hold all the necessities for twins, it’s made of nylon with canvas trim (super durable and easy to wash),  and has options for dual shoulder straps or an attachable crossbody strap. It’s not the cheapest option at $128 on Zappos, but I definitely think it’s worth the investment if it will last through the craziness of my life for the next few years!
Lesportsac Ryan Black Diaper Baby bagIn addition to those perks, my husband Mike wanted to make sure I didn’t get a diaper bag that looked too much like a purse. Let’s face it, with two little ones, he might be carrying around the bag on outings. Understandable. I won’t take away his man card that quick. I thought the Lesportsac bag was a nice compromise of modern style + practical needs.

Of course, a girl can dream right? While certainly not in my budget, I discovered this to-die-for Preppy Nylon Printed Eliz-A-Baby by Marc by Marc Jacobs. My good friend Cristin pointed it out on Instagram and I’ve been in love ever since. It’s pretty enough to carry whether you’re a mom or not! At $348 on Piperlime, it’s certainly tempting but just not in my reality right now.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Printed Elizababy Diaper BagJen Signature

Today marks 25 weeks for me – although not technically in my third trimester according to the “singleton” calendar, I kind of am because I won’t be going longer than 37/38 weeks. Ah! To say the least, my skinny jeans aren’t exactly fitting these days. Fortunately, I have been beyond lucky to work from home in leggings during the majority of my pregnancy so I really haven’t had a need to go out and buy a ton of new clothing. I’ve just been working with what I’ve got that fits (meaning stretchy shirts and leggings…and that’s about it.) I have definitely been breaking the “Am I Wearing Pants?” rule.

I finally gave in and went to my first maternity store last month, Destination Maternity, and bought a pair of nice Hudson jeans on super-sale. Best investment ever! I wear them with everything on the weekends and can dress them up or down – a definite plus for a limited wardrobe. I highly recommend making one investment purchase of nice jeans during pregnancy.

I also made a stop by Old Navy for some larger shirts to fit over my growing belly. I picked up tops in larger sizes that are stretchy and can accommodate the growth I continue to experience – I kid you not – on a daily basis. The photo below is from last week (24 weeks) and I’ve already grown what seems like a ton since then.


Above: Black and white striped t-shirt from Old Navy (one of my favorites & on sale right now for $10!) paired with a printed chambray shirt from Target (similar to this one).

Last but not least, while I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, I did a little shopping at Gap. Seriously one of the best places to go for maternity clothes! Lots of items on sale right now, too.


Above: Gap 1969 Floral Legging Jeans and this Gap Printed Pintuck Top (both bought in-store at 40% off!)

More maternity style shots to come soon hopefully. For whatever style I can still pull off during the next 12-13 weeks! I’m still trying to keep some sense of fashion in my life – even though some days leggings and a huge t-shirt just seem so right…

Happy Easter everyone! I’ve been in Chicago for work for the past few days and ended up needing to stay through the weekend. It’s my last travel trip since I’ll be 24 weeks pregnant on Wednesday – ah! My mom stayed with me for part of the trip (just in case) and we were able to work in some fun during the trip, too.

In my free time, I’ve been making the most of seeing friends and doing a final round of shopping while I’m still mobile enough to think walking eight blocks sounds like a good idea. I think the girls are enjoying the spring brights in bloom in the stores right now.


(Above: Steve Madden nude flats,  Forever 21 Lacquered Floral Pattern and Sparkling Beaded Chain necklaces)

We also stopped by one of my favorite Chicago restaurants RPM Italian and the Art Institute of Chicago to see the Picasso exhibit.


Looking forward to getting back home, but in the meantime I’m enjoying my last few quiet moments in the city.


Source: via Jen on Pinterest

How cute is this fashion collaboration? Keds for Kate Spade. Considering I’m not wearing heels these days, these polka-dot shoes are looking pretty appealing for summer kicks. If you’re as in love as I am, you should hurry though because these are already sold out on (tip: it looks like you can still order through or

Since I don’t exactly have $75 to spend on these right now, I see a fun DIY on these in my near future. The ones below could be fun to re-imagine, too!

Source: Jen on Pinterest

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