Emma and kate twin girls 3 months

Emma + Kate at 3 Months

Is it possible? Could it be true? Over the last week,  Emma and Kate have slept through the night about 3-4 times! Like real 6-7 hour stretches!

Sleep in our house over the last three months has been a rare commodity. Looking back at my state of mind during month 1 and month 2, I was most likely sleep walking half of the time. The girls are okay sleepers, it’s just the timing. Trying to get them both to sleep at the same time is the part that is so hard – naps during the day, falling asleep at night, etc. It seems like the golden rule is that if one is up, the other is sleeping! We’re still working on that…

Here are some updates on the girls these days!

kate twin girls 3 month



Kate has become quite a drama queen (in the best way possible of course ). She still loves to be held and rocked “a certain way”. She is a total daddy’s girl and lights up when she sees him. She makes a lot of sounds and when she smiles, it’s heart-melting! Her little tongue sticks out just a little when she smiles really big. Her favorite thing to do is listen to singing and music. She is a great sleeper at night (crossing my fingers this stays true), but man does she fight it at first! She’s a feisty one and I can tell she doesn’t want to miss out on anything. Her hair is still really dark and she still has dark blue-grey eyes.

Emma twin girls 3 month



Emma is quite the explorer these days! She is definitely a talker and really likes to “have a conversation” with you, cooing back as if she knows just what you’re talking about. She loves to sit up on my lap and just stare and talk. She’s very determined and excited to look at everything. I can tell she really wishes she could sit up by herself, but she has a few more months before that. I’m pretty sure she would get up and walk if she could though! She also loves standing on your lap while you hold her arms. She’s a strong one for sure. Emma has been the one still waking in the middle of the night, but it seems lately she might be catching the drift that night time is for sleeping 🙂 Her light brown hair is filling in more now and her eyes are still blue.