Well, I’m way behind on my monthly update post about the girls! In fact, we’re halfway through the month. The photos shown here were taken on their two month mark, so I did remember to do one thing!

Here are some updates on the girls and their personalities. It’s such an exciting time to really see them come into their own.

She loves to be held and bounced to sleep. We call her Queen Kate because she wants it her way all the time. We joke about her list of demands: “Get my milk layperson!” Or “Did I say you could put me down yet?” But boy when she smiles she couldn’t be any sweeter or look more innocent. Another nickname we’ve given her is meerkat because she loves to pop up on your shoulder and scan the room. She’s a very curious girl and loves staring at you while you talk to her. Her hair is still very dark and she’s out of newborn clothes weighing 10.5 pounds at our pediatrician check-up.

Emma has settled down a lot during the last month. We found out she has acid reflux, so we started her on medication after some very scary choking incidents. The good news is that she is what they call a happy spitter since she’s still gaining weight. She has been wearing three month clothes since the two month mark! She smiles every day now and it melts my heart every time. She loves making noises, listening to lullabies and testing out her own voice. Her hair is turning strawberry blonde for now and she weighs in 11.5 pounds!

Next up, a post about the things I’ve learned being a new MoM (mom of multiples) in the last two and a half months – stay tuned!