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Well I’m two days behind, but we’ve reached the one month mark! Every day has been beautifully exhausting with little rest and a lot of diapers (we go through about 20 a day between the two girls!) I figured while they are both sleeping – a very rare occurrence lately – I would share some quick thoughts on both of the girls and their developing personalities. They both have their own quirks and I’ve even learned their different cries. Our next check-up is on Friday and I’m hoping the girls have continued to gain weight. I’ve also reached my first nursing goal of one month (whohoo!) and we’re continuing to supplement as needed.

In the hospital, I really thought Kate was going to be feisty. She has definitely fulfilled that prediction, but also turned into a snuggly, sensitive girl. She loves to be held and stare at you while she dozes off to sleep. She hates being cold, and is not a fan of her bath or of getting changed. Her hair has stayed a dark, brownish color and she reached 6.2 lbs at our last appointment. She is small, but her appetite is getting bigger every day.

I was amazed at how laid back Emma was in the first two weeks. Let’s just say that didn’t last very long. She loves to coo and be awake for the party whenever she can. She fights sleep and tries to keep her eyes open even when she’s beyond tired. She likes her bath and breaking out of her swaddles to put her hands above her head. Emma’s hair is still a lighter shade of brown and I wouldn’t be surprised if it continues to lighten up. She has a huge appetite lately and reached over 7 lbs at our last appointment. She is almost out of her newborn clothes now and into 0-3 months.

Next Month
Looking to August, I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring. Hopefully, more smiles and longer stretches of sleep (we’ll see). Plus, I’m hoping to pass my 6-week surgery check-up and get cleared for carrying over 15 lbs (which would also mean I can carry the two girls’ car seats at once and spend more time outside the house!)

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