It’s been four weeks since Emma and Kate were born – which is so hard for me to believe! The days have gone by slow, but the weeks have flown by.

The girls have definitely changed everything since we’ve been home – but the biggest adjustment for me has been sleep deprivation. The girls nurse every three hours and it takes about an hour and sometimes an hour and a half to feed both of them. So I’m basically living in three hour increments. Everyone says sleep when the baby sleeps, but usually one of them is up in between the feeding periods now. It’s amazing how one can function on little to no sleep.

I quickly realized I needed extra help when Mike went back to work. Mainly, just an extra pair of hands and set of eyes to hold and watch when I’m busy with one of them. Fortunately, my mom has been irreplaceable. I also have a friend who is helping me three times a week for a few hours until she goes back to college.

We’re focusing on the little victories every day – like me taking a shower or getting a two hour uninterrupted nap. Plus, we reached our biggest goal this week: getting the girls back to their birth weights! Once I’m cleared by my doctor from the surgery (hopefully at 6 weeks), I’ll be able to lift over 10-15 lbs again and will be able to do so much more than I am now, too. Lots to look forward to, but for now we’re taking it day by day!