Twin pregnancy 36 weeks

In less than one week, I’ll be on my way to becoming a mom! Since I’m having twins, my doctor thinks it’s safest to bring the ladies into this world at 37 weeks based on my health, the babies growth, my blood pressure and about a million other factors that have been getting checked during my weekly appointments over the last several weeks. My scheduled induction is this coming Tuesday, July 2. (Eeeek!!!)

I honestly can’t believe that I’m even talking about induction. I was so sure these babies were going to come early based on all the books, others’ stories about having twins and the way I’m progressing  (I’ve technically been in early labor for about 2 weeks now. Seriously). I’m thrilled they’re happy and healthy in there though – even if I’ve been physically and emotionally drained for the last month.

The photo above was actually taken on Saturday, a little bit before I hit 36 weeks technically. Let’s just say black is my friend and it definitely doesn’t do my ridiculous swelling justice. I’m pretty sure I scared the guy doing my pedicure over the weekend with my swollen feet.

And so the countdown begins! I’m not sure if this week is going to fly by or be the longest week of my life. Either way, the seconds are passing and I’m enjoying our quiet house while I can 🙂

P.S. If you’re wondering if I became a graphic designer overnight, the answer is no. I just discovered the best girly app in the world from A Beautiful Mess.