Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there! I feel beyond lucky to have such a wonderful mom who has been there for me every day, no matter what. I shared a delicious brunch this morning with my family to celebrate everything she does for us. (P.S. Stripes are in!)

I can’t wait to experience motherhood myself and meet my little girls soon! I already love them more than I can explain. I’m so excited to have my mom by my side now to help me teach them what she has already taught me. I have so many wishes for my daughters – I think about their future every day now, so I can only imagine how I’ll feel when they finally arrive. I visualize the first moment I’ll hold them both in my arms and am already overwhelmed with love for them.

Here’s to the hopes and dreams, the fears and worry, the responsibility and joy of becoming a new mom. If I can be half the mom that my mom has been to me, then I know I’ve done something right for my girls.