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Happy Easter everyone! I’ve been in Chicago for work for the past few days and ended up needing to stay through the weekend. It’s my last travel trip since I’ll be 24 weeks pregnant on Wednesday – ah! My mom stayed with me for part of the trip (just in case) and we were able to work in some fun during the trip, too.

In my free time, I’ve been making the most of seeing friends and doing a final round of shopping while I’m still mobile enough to think walking eight blocks sounds like a good idea. I think the girls are enjoying the spring brights in bloom in the stores right now.


(Above: Steve Madden nude flats,  Forever 21 Lacquered Floral Pattern and Sparkling Beaded Chain necklaces)

We also stopped by one of my favorite Chicago restaurants RPM Italian and the Art Institute of Chicago to see the Picasso exhibit.


Looking forward to getting back home, but in the meantime I’m enjoying my last few quiet moments in the city.


Source: via Jen on Pinterest

How cute is this fashion collaboration? Keds for Kate Spade. Considering I’m not wearing heels these days, these polka-dot shoes are looking pretty appealing for summer kicks. If you’re as in love as I am, you should hurry though because these are already sold out on (tip: it looks like you can still order through or

Since I don’t exactly have $75 to spend on these right now, I see a fun DIY on these in my near future. The ones below could be fun to re-imagine, too!

Source: Jen on Pinterest


Happy birthday to my one and only. His birthday present? A lot of snow. And his first chance to shovel our new driveway. I am so thankful for him every day. I know the next year will be a fun new adventure as parents.

We’re settling into our new house slowly but surely. Lots of little purchases – and a few big – which will add up eventually to our dream home. I would say nesting is in full force. The nursery is on my main to-do list, so more photos of that room soon!

What are you doing this lovely Sunday?

This weekend was dedicated to moving into our new house. Boxes, packing tape and newspaper – oh my! We accomplished so much in just three days. I’m honestly amazed at how much we were able to get done. Thankfully, we had the help of an army again. The guys over at College Hunks Hauling Junk were quick and we had some additional help from my dad since I’m not exactly useful in this situation. Let’s just say 20 weeks pregnant = not exactly the best of help with loading and unpacking boxes.

moving day

And, we’re almost finished with painting! Just two rooms left: the dining room and main floor bathroom. We painted the nursery and put the cribs together on Saturday. In the bottom-right corner photo above, there’s a sneak peek at the color: Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue. I think this is my favorite color in the whole house. Of course, I might be biased. (Hint: take a look at my blog background choice.)

The girls were up and kicking this weekend. Another doctors appointment today showed they’re still right on track with their growth – neck and neck in fact, which is a very good sign they’re both getting everything they need. Meanwhile, I’m definitely going through a growth spurt if you will. I had a sudden moment of panic on Sunday night wondering how it’s possible that I’m going to get bigger than I am right now! Somehow nature finds a way I guess… I also joined my local MoMs (moms of multiples) club.

Latest cravings: donuts & anything sweet. I may or may not have bought a dozen donuts (to share supposedly…) last week. And they may have been gone by Sunday. Don’t judge!

Life has been a bit crazy lately. Right after closing on our new house on Thursday, I had to go to Los Angeles for a weekend work trip. This meant pushing back our moving date to this weekend, but Mike figured in the meantime he could do a little painting before we moved in our furniture.

We picked out paint samples from Benjamin Moore (p.s. this part was SO hard) and went over the night after our closing to decide on a few key rooms we wanted to transform. Our priority list included the kitchen/living room, the master bedroom and bathroom and the nursery. There are a few other rooms on our to-do list, but these were the ones where the original paint colors in the house just wouldn’t do. Let me tell you, choosing paint colors in two hours before leaving town? Not easy. Especially when you’re an emotional mess of a pregnant lady, just ask Mike or my mom.

Little did I know, a whole village of family and friends was coming to help out. They say it takes a village … and can I just say that I have the best village a girl could ask for? Mike’s parents came down to help, my parents came over to help, my brother, some of my girlfriends. I think we have almost every room we want to paint complete! That’s a lot of painting in three days. It’s moments like this when I realize just how lucky I am to have family close-by. THANK YOU to everyone who helped already make our new house look so amazing.

Here are a few before/after painting shots of the living room and master bedroom – more to come soon! I’m especially excited about making over the nursery 🙂 Of course, we haven’t moved any furniture in yet so for now just picture a perfectly decorated room alongside the new paint.

Kitchen/Living Room


Here’s a photo of the room before we bought the house. This paint color looked yellow/greenish in person and I wanted to find something that would complement the existing grey tones in the fireplace.
living room before

Paint Sample Choices

I was about 95% sure I was going to love Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter (shown on top) after seeing it all over the place on Pinterest. Just to be safe, I tested Benjamin Moore’s Stone Harbor (a darker hue shown on bottom), but the entry way is a dark grey color already so I wanted to lighten up the main level with a lighter color.
living room paint samples revere pewter stone harbor


I’m in love. Revere Pewter might be the best paint color ever (at least in my book). It’s a nice warm grey that has just a little beige in it.
living room after rever pewter

Master Bedroom


Again, here’s another photo of the master bedroom (before we bought the house). For some, bright blue might be a great color. For me, it doesn’t exactly say “relaxing master retreat” which is what I need. Right before we moved out of our condo in Chicago, we painted it in Benjamin Moore’s Nimbus and fell in love. I swear, our whole new house isn’t going to be all grey… (although admittedly most of the paint colors will fall into the greige category).
master before

Paint Sample Choices

On top is Benjamin Moore’s Nimbus (the color we already we knew we liked). On bottom is Benjamin Moore’s Stone Harbor. I thought I may want a darker tone, but it turns out I still love Nimbus.
master before benjamin moore nimbus stone harbor


Ta-da! The reveal sans furniture is a tab underwhelming, yes, but I really like how the color turned out. It’s just enough of a silvery-grey to calm the space – which is exactly what I need to feel when I’m in my bedroom.

master after benjamin moore nimbus

More room reveals to come soon! You know, maybe even with some furniture in them?

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