House Closing Sparkling Cider

Today we closed on our new house! I think a little sparkling cider is in order, don’t you? With the help of my fabulous friend and rock star realtor, Katie from Your Future Address, we found the perfect place to call home sweet home. Let’s quickly recap this journey.

May 2012: Moved to Kansas City. Put our condo on the market while living with my wonderful parents.

July 2012: Accepted an offer on our Chicago condo, only to be held up for 3 months while awaiting a VA government approval on his special loan. Grrr…

September 2012: Put condo back on the market for back-ups.

November 2012: Received a new offer and accepted. (Thank goodness we did because we STILL haven’t heard anything about the approval on our first buyer’s VA loan). Started looking for houses in Kansas

December 2012: Closed on our condo. Yay! Put in an offer on a new house we thought was “the one,” only to be out-bid.

January 2013: Found our real dream home! Put in an offer the second day on the market – at the same time as someone else… again! Put in our final offer and got the house.

February 2013: Inspections, negotiations, blah blah blah… closed on the house today!

I ordered these adorable moving announcement postcards from Etsy store CardsEtcetera to celebrate and share the news. Rather than ordering a set amount of custom cards, I picked a printable design that I can print myself! I think it’s safe to say after our journey here, it’s the last time we’ll be moving for awhile.

Movers are coming next weekend so we have a little time to fix a few things and get started on painting. While I’m out of town for work this weekend, Mike is taking the role as lead contractor with our paint crew (AKA his brother, my mom and his mom). We’re stopping by the house tonight before I leave to do paint samples and pick some final colors! Paint is such a definitive choice to me, but I’ve only got a short window of time before I leave which is probably a good thing. Otherwise, I would probably go back/forth forever.

Can’t wait to share the next part of our journey: nesting!