gender reveal cakeSugar and spice and everything nice… they’re both girls! At our last doctors appointment on Friday, the nurse finally got a good look at the babies and determined there are two little ladies in there. We are so thrilled. Most importantly, they are still looking healthy and right on track with their growth. I’m officially 19 weeks today.

My mom was not surprised by two girls at all. In fact, her reaction was almost matter of fact! She proceeded to hand me two matching girl outfits she bought AT CHRISTMAS (ahem, two months ago) because she was so certain we’d be having two girls. None other than baby jeggings, of course.

We celebrated with a sugary cake and started the registry process on Saturday. I say “started” because we’re taking things one decision at a time. We only focused on a couple of things during our first visit and no doubt we’ll be back a few more times to figure out everything else. For once, I actually felt prepared for the bombardment of products! It was a miracle my hormones didn’t get the best of me. We’ll see how things go next time…

The biggest decision this round was on car seats. I decided on the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat. I’ve heard from several other moms and reviews online that this is a great option and has awesome safety ratings (including the likes of one of my favorite registry resources so far for new moms, Lucies’ List).

Although we’re having two girls, I don’t think I’ll be buying all things pink. A little here and there will be just enough for me. However, I did find it adorable when Mike commented, “I think we need a little more pink in the nursery – how about these polka-dot sheets?” I would’ve never guessed! Definitely a very sweet moment of this pregnancy that I’ll remember.