DIY Maternity Shirt Countdown Close-up

The final product. Just cross off each week for your photo.

Today marks week 18 of my pregnancy. My doctor said twin pregnancies average at 36-38 weeks for delivery (some of my books have said even sooner – eek!), so I’m halfway to meeting my two little ones. I’ve even started to feel movement – which is really exciting but MAN those babies have been keeping me up at night! Four legs + four arms moving around = not very comfortable. And of course they seem to wake up right when I’m laying down for bed… The next half of this should definitely be interesting.

I’m sad to say that I’ve been terrible at taking weekly bump photos – it’s simply crazy to think how fast it’s going by. My original goal was to take a weekly photo so I could create a little keepsake/memory of my pregnancy. Hopefully I’ll get back on track! (Hint: Scroll down for my bump photos so far.)

I’ve seen so many different and creative ways to document a pregnancy. One of them caught my eye and I decided to use a fun countdown shirt to take weekly photos. In true lazy DIY-er fashion though, I decided to take my own “cut out 10 steps” approach. I bought a HUGE stretchy maternity shirt from Hobby Lobby thinking I’d fill it out by the end, but I may have gone a little overboard. I guess only time will tell!

Here is a brief how-to for creating your own DIY pregnancy countdown shirt. I promise, it’s easy and cheap. In total, I spent $15 on this project!


1 Cotton Maternity Shirt with lots of stretch (I used a Fashion Gear Maternity Shirt that was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $5.99)

2 Fabric Markers – one black, one red (I used FabricMate Chisel Tip pens, both $2.99)

1 Lettering Stencil (I used a 3/4″ TechTools Stencil; This is a link to the full set, but I only bought a single stencil available in-store for $2.99)

red fabric pen fabricmate

Grab your black and red fabric pens…

lettering stencil DIY Maternity Countdown Shirt

Measure out the numbers evenly on the shirt and use the black pen to write the numbers using the lettering stencil. There should be 5 weeks per line with 8 rows total. When finished, cross of the number each week with the red fabric pen.

DIY Maternity Shirt Close-up 13 weeks twins

13 Weeks

DIY Maternity Shirt Close-up 16 weeks twins

16 Weeks

DIY Maternity Shirt Close-up 18 weeks twins

18 Weeks