Last week I purchased my first baby-related item. Okay, make that four. Cribs that is.

Let me start from the beginning.

Two common threads throughout my nursery inspiration boards revealed that a) I really like the look of a white crib with clean modern lines and b) the color grey, of course.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Two weeks ago, I found a great coupon and promotion on a white, modern crib from Buy Buy Baby. Perfect, I thought. It has the modern look I want at the price point I need. Because let’s be real – while I absolutely love the high-end modern cribs, like the Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 (shown above) and the DwellStudio Mid-Century Crib, buying two $400+ cribs isn’t within our budget right now.

Except when I went to see the crib from Buy Buy Baby in person, it was lackluster. The wood looked flimsy, the screws looked within reaching distance of a baby… it was bad. I may have had an irrational pregnancy moment in the store after looking at the crib and double strollers (don’t even get me started on that). Needless to say, I left in disappointment.

I guess it wasn’t until that moment that I realized I’m going to be making a lot of tough choices about what I really want and what we really need. Two kids are a lot to handle, but two price tags is even more! After my mini-meltdown, I re-grouped back into a rational mindset and decided that even though I may have to cut some corners, I will find a way to not sacrifice style.

After another week of research, I discovered this article from Lilsugar.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Simple: Baby Mod Modena 3-in-1 grey crib

Swank: Oeuf Sparrow Crib

Love at first sight. My two favorite things from my nursery inspiration board combined: grey + modern. Of course, I had seen (and drooled over) the Oeuf Sparrow Crib before (listed at a whopping $760), but this other hidden gem? I had to have it – well two of them! I found this Baby Mod Modena 3-in-1 grey crib from none other than Simple clean lines, same parent company as Babyletto, a perfect price tag, plus a toddler conversion kit included! Sold.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

 A few days of figuring out the final dimensions of the nursery in our new house (and whether or not two of these things were going to fit), I was ready to take the plunge. I went to order – and surprise: OUT OF STOCK!

Cut to devastation number two. How could it be? Only 5 days after my discovery and out of stock?? I (once again) had to calm my irrational pregnant self down. I decided I better order the white ones before devastation #3 occurred. I liked them (almost) as much and the price was right. Add to cart. Ship to store.

Only I still had hope my elusive grey crib would suddenly come back in stock, so I checked back every day like a stalker … until it did – and only 5 days later! Add to cart. Ship to store.

And that my friends, is how I ended up with four cribs: two white and two grey. Poor Mike. Of course, when they arrived last week I was dead sick. So being the awesome guy he is, he hauled all four of the cribs back to the house so we could look at the colors together and decide which ones we like best. Instinct confirmed – grey cribs win! The same day, Mike hauled the white ones back to the store.

The funniest part? This is only the beginning …