gender guess image

The day is almost here! My next peek at the babies is this Friday – and there’s a chance we could find out if we’re having boys, girls or one of each at this appointment. Ah! Any bets?

For me, I am just praying for two healthy and happy babies. No really! Most of our friends/family have been guessing girls (which is making Mike’s head spin, I’m sure), but I don’t really have a feeling like some moms-to-be say. Maybe because there are two? Either way, I’m going to be elated and will probably spend this weekend dreaming of blue or pink. So these babies better cooperate and put on a show for the nurses on Friday!

I really haven’t had a chance for anticipation to build since I’ve been sick for the past week. Some kind of torturous cough/cold/flu combination found me last Wednesday (even though I barely leave the house, I swear!)  After a weekend spent in bed trying to recover, I just saw the light of day for the first time this morning.

In other news, our house inspection went well and we are well on our way to closing at the end of this month. As my friend and realtor likes to remind me, I can’t buy any furniture until the deal is sealed. Sigh. So for now, I am looking. Going from a small condo to house is quite daunting. We don’t even have a kitchen table. But we do have cribs! More on that later…

If you’re pregnant or a mom, when did you find out the sex of your baby?