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House Closing Sparkling Cider

Today we closed on our new house! I think a little sparkling cider is in order, don’t you? With the help of my fabulous friend and rock star realtor, Katie from Your Future Address, we found the perfect place to call home sweet home. Let’s quickly recap this journey.

May 2012: Moved to Kansas City. Put our condo on the market while living with my wonderful parents.

July 2012: Accepted an offer on our Chicago condo, only to be held up for 3 months while awaiting a VA government approval on his special loan. Grrr…

September 2012: Put condo back on the market for back-ups.

November 2012: Received a new offer and accepted. (Thank goodness we did because we STILL haven’t heard anything about the approval on our first buyer’s VA loan). Started looking for houses in Kansas

December 2012: Closed on our condo. Yay! Put in an offer on a new house we thought was “the one,” only to be out-bid.

January 2013: Found our real dream home! Put in an offer the second day on the market – at the same time as someone else… again! Put in our final offer and got the house.

February 2013: Inspections, negotiations, blah blah blah… closed on the house today!

I ordered these adorable moving announcement postcards from Etsy store CardsEtcetera to celebrate and share the news. Rather than ordering a set amount of custom cards, I picked a printable design that I can print myself! I think it’s safe to say after our journey here, it’s the last time we’ll be moving for awhile.

Movers are coming next weekend so we have a little time to fix a few things and get started on painting. While I’m out of town for work this weekend, Mike is taking the role as lead contractor with our paint crew (AKA his brother, my mom and his mom). We’re stopping by the house tonight before I leave to do paint samples and pick some final colors! Paint is such a definitive choice to me, but I’ve only got a short window of time before I leave which is probably a good thing. Otherwise, I would probably go back/forth forever.

Can’t wait to share the next part of our journey: nesting!

gender reveal cakeSugar and spice and everything nice… they’re both girls! At our last doctors appointment on Friday, the nurse finally got a good look at the babies and determined there are two little ladies in there. We are so thrilled. Most importantly, they are still looking healthy and right on track with their growth. I’m officially 19 weeks today.

My mom was not surprised by two girls at all. In fact, her reaction was almost matter of fact! She proceeded to hand me two matching girl outfits she bought AT CHRISTMAS (ahem, two months ago) because she was so certain we’d be having two girls. None other than baby jeggings, of course.

We celebrated with a sugary cake and started the registry process on Saturday. I say “started” because we’re taking things one decision at a time. We only focused on a couple of things during our first visit and no doubt we’ll be back a few more times to figure out everything else. For once, I actually felt prepared for the bombardment of products! It was a miracle my hormones didn’t get the best of me. We’ll see how things go next time…

The biggest decision this round was on car seats. I decided on the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat. I’ve heard from several other moms and reviews online that this is a great option and has awesome safety ratings (including the likes of one of my favorite registry resources so far for new moms, Lucies’ List).

Although we’re having two girls, I don’t think I’ll be buying all things pink. A little here and there will be just enough for me. However, I did find it adorable when Mike commented, “I think we need a little more pink in the nursery – how about these polka-dot sheets?” I would’ve never guessed! Definitely a very sweet moment of this pregnancy that I’ll remember.

DIY Maternity Shirt Countdown Close-up

The final product. Just cross off each week for your photo.

Today marks week 18 of my pregnancy. My doctor said twin pregnancies average at 36-38 weeks for delivery (some of my books have said even sooner – eek!), so I’m halfway to meeting my two little ones. I’ve even started to feel movement – which is really exciting but MAN those babies have been keeping me up at night! Four legs + four arms moving around = not very comfortable. And of course they seem to wake up right when I’m laying down for bed… The next half of this should definitely be interesting.

I’m sad to say that I’ve been terrible at taking weekly bump photos – it’s simply crazy to think how fast it’s going by. My original goal was to take a weekly photo so I could create a little keepsake/memory of my pregnancy. Hopefully I’ll get back on track! (Hint: Scroll down for my bump photos so far.)

I’ve seen so many different and creative ways to document a pregnancy. One of them caught my eye and I decided to use a fun countdown shirt to take weekly photos. In true lazy DIY-er fashion though, I decided to take my own “cut out 10 steps” approach. I bought a HUGE stretchy maternity shirt from Hobby Lobby thinking I’d fill it out by the end, but I may have gone a little overboard. I guess only time will tell!

Here is a brief how-to for creating your own DIY pregnancy countdown shirt. I promise, it’s easy and cheap. In total, I spent $15 on this project!


1 Cotton Maternity Shirt with lots of stretch (I used a Fashion Gear Maternity Shirt that was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $5.99)

2 Fabric Markers – one black, one red (I used FabricMate Chisel Tip pens, both $2.99)

1 Lettering Stencil (I used a 3/4″ TechTools Stencil; This is a link to the full set, but I only bought a single stencil available in-store for $2.99)

red fabric pen fabricmate

Grab your black and red fabric pens…

lettering stencil DIY Maternity Countdown Shirt

Measure out the numbers evenly on the shirt and use the black pen to write the numbers using the lettering stencil. There should be 5 weeks per line with 8 rows total. When finished, cross of the number each week with the red fabric pen.

DIY Maternity Shirt Close-up 13 weeks twins

13 Weeks

DIY Maternity Shirt Close-up 16 weeks twins

16 Weeks

DIY Maternity Shirt Close-up 18 weeks twins

18 Weeks

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Happy Valentine’s Day! I celebrated this morning with a piece of cookie cake for breakfast. I figure it’s the least I can do to tell the little ones I love them. Lots of love in the air today. Candy hearts for lunch, red cupcakes for dinner… can you tell sweets are on my mind lately?

17 weeks now and counting. I didn’t get much sleep last night because my stomach feels like it’s expanding beyond my imagination…and I’m not even halfway there yet. I had a great doctor’s appointment last week (remember I thought I was going to find out the sexes?), but those stubborn little babies didn’t want to cooperate for the nurse. So the suspense continues!

Funny enough, later that night I had my first dream about genders. Wouldn’t you know it? Two girls… hopefully next week they’ll be ready for the big reveal. In the meantime, I signed up for a multiples class at the hospital. Eek! I think Mike’s going to need a beer after that one… Plus, two weeks until we close on our new house! Time to coordinate movers and painters finally.

Last week I purchased my first baby-related item. Okay, make that four. Cribs that is.

Let me start from the beginning.

Two common threads throughout my nursery inspiration boards revealed that a) I really like the look of a white crib with clean modern lines and b) the color grey, of course.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Two weeks ago, I found a great coupon and promotion on a white, modern crib from Buy Buy Baby. Perfect, I thought. It has the modern look I want at the price point I need. Because let’s be real – while I absolutely love the high-end modern cribs, like the Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 (shown above) and the DwellStudio Mid-Century Crib, buying two $400+ cribs isn’t within our budget right now.

Except when I went to see the crib from Buy Buy Baby in person, it was lackluster. The wood looked flimsy, the screws looked within reaching distance of a baby… it was bad. I may have had an irrational pregnancy moment in the store after looking at the crib and double strollers (don’t even get me started on that). Needless to say, I left in disappointment.

I guess it wasn’t until that moment that I realized I’m going to be making a lot of tough choices about what I really want and what we really need. Two kids are a lot to handle, but two price tags is even more! After my mini-meltdown, I re-grouped back into a rational mindset and decided that even though I may have to cut some corners, I will find a way to not sacrifice style.

After another week of research, I discovered this article from Lilsugar.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Simple: Baby Mod Modena 3-in-1 grey crib

Swank: Oeuf Sparrow Crib

Love at first sight. My two favorite things from my nursery inspiration board combined: grey + modern. Of course, I had seen (and drooled over) the Oeuf Sparrow Crib before (listed at a whopping $760), but this other hidden gem? I had to have it – well two of them! I found this Baby Mod Modena 3-in-1 grey crib from none other than Simple clean lines, same parent company as Babyletto, a perfect price tag, plus a toddler conversion kit included! Sold.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

 A few days of figuring out the final dimensions of the nursery in our new house (and whether or not two of these things were going to fit), I was ready to take the plunge. I went to order – and surprise: OUT OF STOCK!

Cut to devastation number two. How could it be? Only 5 days after my discovery and out of stock?? I (once again) had to calm my irrational pregnant self down. I decided I better order the white ones before devastation #3 occurred. I liked them (almost) as much and the price was right. Add to cart. Ship to store.

Only I still had hope my elusive grey crib would suddenly come back in stock, so I checked back every day like a stalker … until it did – and only 5 days later! Add to cart. Ship to store.

And that my friends, is how I ended up with four cribs: two white and two grey. Poor Mike. Of course, when they arrived last week I was dead sick. So being the awesome guy he is, he hauled all four of the cribs back to the house so we could look at the colors together and decide which ones we like best. Instinct confirmed – grey cribs win! The same day, Mike hauled the white ones back to the store.

The funniest part? This is only the beginning …

gender guess image

The day is almost here! My next peek at the babies is this Friday – and there’s a chance we could find out if we’re having boys, girls or one of each at this appointment. Ah! Any bets?

For me, I am just praying for two healthy and happy babies. No really! Most of our friends/family have been guessing girls (which is making Mike’s head spin, I’m sure), but I don’t really have a feeling like some moms-to-be say. Maybe because there are two? Either way, I’m going to be elated and will probably spend this weekend dreaming of blue or pink. So these babies better cooperate and put on a show for the nurses on Friday!

I really haven’t had a chance for anticipation to build since I’ve been sick for the past week. Some kind of torturous cough/cold/flu combination found me last Wednesday (even though I barely leave the house, I swear!)  After a weekend spent in bed trying to recover, I just saw the light of day for the first time this morning.

In other news, our house inspection went well and we are well on our way to closing at the end of this month. As my friend and realtor likes to remind me, I can’t buy any furniture until the deal is sealed. Sigh. So for now, I am looking. Going from a small condo to house is quite daunting. We don’t even have a kitchen table. But we do have cribs! More on that later…

If you’re pregnant or a mom, when did you find out the sex of your baby?

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