I’ve been watching the MLS house listings like a hawk (okay, maybe a stalker) this past month waiting for the perfect house to appear before my eyes. The inventory in the area we’re searching in has been low – I mean really low. As soon as decent houses are listed, they seem to be pounced on by buyers like us for showings. Unbelievable given everything you hear about the market in the news now, right? Let me tell you personally, if you are looking to sell your house in Kansas City do it now. I was shocked at how fast houses are going – at least if they’re in good shape, in a good area, etc. Winter is apparently a hot selling market here.

Back in November, we put an offer in on a house that we thought was “the one” for sure.  It had been on the market for less than a week and low and behold, someone else put an offer in the same day. What are the chances right? Well, they beat us out. Not even by a lot (to add salt to the wound).

hosue keys

Hopefully, we’ll be getting another set of these soon!

Then last week, my stalking paid off. At about 10:30 pm., my phone alerted me of a new listing as I lay in bed. I immediately emailed our amazing realtor and good friend, Katie at Your Future Address, and we set up a showing for the next day after work. It met all of our criteria, plus some! (Let’s just say our requirements changed a little bit after we found out about our twins on the way…)

The next morning we put an offer in to the sellers and wouldn’t you know… another offer had already come in! I couldn’t believe it. The house had only been listed for a day. After a lot of discussion, budgeting calculations and praying, we put in our final and best offer hoping we would edge the other buyer out. On Saturday morning, our offer was signed and accepted!!

Given the new arrivals are on their way and on a timetable, I am so relieved and happy we found a house we love. Now, we just have to make it through the next 40 days and hope that everything goes okay wtih inspections and negotiations. Next up, picking paint colors, buying furniture and all the fun stuff. Pinterest and Houzz followers, watch out!