Now that it’s officially half-way through January, it seems the new year has arrived, but our new house has not. Granted we took about a month-long break from house hunting during the holidays. So in total, we’ve only been looking for about a month and a half. We did put an offer in on one house, but unfortunately someone else put a better offer in the same day. Talk about bad timing…

You learn a lot about people when walking through their homes. It’s like a little peek into the neighbors (sometimes weird) world. Here are a few “treasures” I’ve spotted during our house hunt so far:

  • a large-scale cowhide on a bathroom floor
  • the same awkward maternity photo over and over again about 15 times throughout the same house, in multiple rooms
  • the first washer and dryer ever invented (okay, maybe not the first, but these were o-l-d)
  • a life-size Danica Patrick cardboard cut-out
  • a full room dedicated to creepy doll-size furniture (we later saw all of the dolls stored in a closet)

So the hunt continues! I just keep pinning dream spaces like the kitchen below, day dreams of my beloved home office and hoping that we find just the right fit in the weeks to come.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest