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I’ve realized over the past month that I am obsessed with grey right now. Grey everything! In looking for paint colors for the new house, what do I pick? Grey. Looking at nursery inspiration? I pin grey. What is it about this color that is so alluring?

It’s become obvious that our new house will be peppered in shades of grey (no pun intended), including the babies‘ room. Now that we have a house (well almost), I can really start planning the nursery!

The good news is Pinterest exists. I can think of no better way to gain inspiration. From pinning and browsing on Houzz, Project Nursery, Babble and countless other blogs, I think I’ve finally got a solid idea of the design direction I want to go with the nursery.

A quick sidebar: A big factor for some is the sex of the baby. For me, this wasn’t a huge influence for some reason. I’ve never been one to dream of a pink or a blue nursery. The fact that we’re having twins makes it a little more complicated. What if we have a boy AND a girl? We’ll find out soon (stay tuned in the next few weeks!) and maybe that will alter my thinking, but for now, my mind is set.

Here’s a taste of what’s in my head:

A backdrop of grey neutrals, mostly modern mixed with a little rustic, a bold birch tree statement wall, with pops of color and pattern through bedding, curtains and forest/woodland accessories.

1. A backdrop of grey neutrals…

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

2. Mostly modern …

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

3. Mixed with a little rustic…

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

4. With a bold statement wall (I think I’ve fallen in love with birch trees)…

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

5. Sprinkled with texture, forest/woodland accessories and pops of color (although I’m not sure what kind of color just yet)…

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Oh and did I mention this needs to fit within a tight, twin-friendly budget featuring two cribs? I’m up for the challenge!

Where did you find stylish and affordable modern nursery decor? So far, my favorite finds have been uncovered on Etsy!

I’ve been watching the MLS house listings like a hawk (okay, maybe a stalker) this past month waiting for the perfect house to appear before my eyes. The inventory in the area we’re searching in has been low – I mean really low. As soon as decent houses are listed, they seem to be pounced on by buyers like us for showings. Unbelievable given everything you hear about the market in the news now, right? Let me tell you personally, if you are looking to sell your house in Kansas City do it now. I was shocked at how fast houses are going – at least if they’re in good shape, in a good area, etc. Winter is apparently a hot selling market here.

Back in November, we put an offer in on a house that we thought was “the one” for sure.  It had been on the market for less than a week and low and behold, someone else put an offer in the same day. What are the chances right? Well, they beat us out. Not even by a lot (to add salt to the wound).

hosue keys

Hopefully, we’ll be getting another set of these soon!

Then last week, my stalking paid off. At about 10:30 pm., my phone alerted me of a new listing as I lay in bed. I immediately emailed our amazing realtor and good friend, Katie at Your Future Address, and we set up a showing for the next day after work. It met all of our criteria, plus some! (Let’s just say our requirements changed a little bit after we found out about our twins on the way…)

The next morning we put an offer in to the sellers and wouldn’t you know… another offer had already come in! I couldn’t believe it. The house had only been listed for a day. After a lot of discussion, budgeting calculations and praying, we put in our final and best offer hoping we would edge the other buyer out. On Saturday morning, our offer was signed and accepted!!

Given the new arrivals are on their way and on a timetable, I am so relieved and happy we found a house we love. Now, we just have to make it through the next 40 days and hope that everything goes okay wtih inspections and negotiations. Next up, picking paint colors, buying furniture and all the fun stuff. Pinterest and Houzz followers, watch out!

twin socks announcement

I’m happy to share that our family is growing by four feet! Yes, you read that correctly. My husband Mike and I are expecting TWINS in July. I’ve been dying to share the news for two months and now I finally can! It’s been a big secret to keep…whew! Anytime I reveal the “twins” word, I am met with a five second pause so I’ll give you a moment to process this news.

Okay, so you’re back?

Yes that’s right, I said twins. As in two babies. As in two strollers and two cribs and two of well… a lot. If it took you a minute to gather your thoughts together – you can only begin to imagine how surprised and shocked Mike and I were finding out this news. It’s certainly been a whirlwind. We’re absolutely thrilled and so excited to start our family.

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and we’ve already had five ultrasounds done to make sure our little ones are growing properly. I’ve learned they like to keep a very close eye on MoMs (moms of multiples). Both are growing at about the same rate right now, which is very good news! Here’s a peek at their last photo-shoot:

Twin Baby A

Baby A

Twin Baby B

Baby B

I definitely plan to share my mom-to-be updates and photos here, so stay tuned for more details, rants and questions! Here are some common questions I’ve gotten so far that I thought I would take the chance to answer up front.

When are you due?

My official due date is July 24, but twin pregnancies typically go to 37-38 weeks rather than 40. So, we’re looking closer to July 3 probably.

Do twins run in your family?

When I initially found out we were having twins, it was quite a shock! After we started sharing news with my family, I uncovered a possible family “secret” that my grandmother on my dad’s side may have carried twins twice, but unfortunately didn’t bring them to full term.

Will you find out the sexes?

Heck yes! Finding out you’re having twins is a big enough surprise 🙂 We’ll find out anywhere between 16 – 20 weeks, depending on how the babies are positioned during our ultrasounds. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

This journey has already been a crazy one so far and I have no doubt the next few months will bring so much joy, laughter, fear, worries and wonder. For all you moms out there, I hope you’ll share your wisdom and advice, too!

Now that it’s officially half-way through January, it seems the new year has arrived, but our new house has not. Granted we took about a month-long break from house hunting during the holidays. So in total, we’ve only been looking for about a month and a half. We did put an offer in on one house, but unfortunately someone else put a better offer in the same day. Talk about bad timing…

You learn a lot about people when walking through their homes. It’s like a little peek into the neighbors (sometimes weird) world. Here are a few “treasures” I’ve spotted during our house hunt so far:

  • a large-scale cowhide on a bathroom floor
  • the same awkward maternity photo over and over again about 15 times throughout the same house, in multiple rooms
  • the first washer and dryer ever invented (okay, maybe not the first, but these were o-l-d)
  • a life-size Danica Patrick cardboard cut-out
  • a full room dedicated to creepy doll-size furniture (we later saw all of the dolls stored in a closet)

So the hunt continues! I just keep pinning dream spaces like the kitchen below, day dreams of my beloved home office and hoping that we find just the right fit in the weeks to come.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Source: via Graf-Martin on Pinterest

A new year means a fresh start! I’ve been carrying the weight of my “blog-slacking” around for the past two months now. But guess what? I’m picking up right where I left off. I could give you all the excuses I’ve been giving myself for the absence of my blogging, but what good would that do? Better to just get back in the game, right?

The holiday months are always my favorite. I took time off work to relax and rest – make that lots of resting – and it always feels too short. The best part about this year though was that I didn’t have to travel far to see my family now that I’m living in Kansas City.

I’m looking forward to so many things in 2013, including the first item on my agenda this year: finding a house. OH please, let us find a house! We closed on our condo in early December (whohoo!) and now we’re just waiting for the perfect home to suddenly appear before our eyes.

P.S. Here’s my blogging inspiration this year… Stay tuned for more in 2013!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

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