fall leaves

It’s official. There is no more denying the fact that fall has arrived in Kansas City. Not because it’s October. And not because the leaves are turning, but because the other following things have happened:

1. The 50 degree weather in Kansas City today has forced me to consider wearing tights … TIGHTS people.

2. I go to the store to buy pumpkins and have the ability to simultaneously buy Christmas wreaths.

3. Picking up the kids from school and forcing them to wear their tiny little coats. No not mine, my niece and nephew!  (Did I mention it felt amazing being around to get to do that? Seems silly, but those little things mean a lot to me.)

4.  I’ve been forced to unpack my fall/winter clothes. Not a fun task might I add when you’re living out of boxes and in transition between houses.

5. I wake up craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

What are your clues that it’s fall?