On my trip to Chicago last month, I came across this Zara military parka. I didn’t buy it at the time, thinking “fall is so far away!” and of course now I am wondering why in the world did I not buy that jacket!

Did I mention Zara was right across the street from the flagship Burberry store being re-vamped? Talk about fall coat heaven…


But I digress. Following my coveted coat discovery, I came home to look for it online and found several more options!

military parkas

\\1. Madewell Barbour Vintage Troop Parka 2. Burberry Fur Trim Parka //

\\ 3. Zara Parka with Detachable Shearling Insert 4. Topshop Studded Spike Army Jacket //

I think it’s tie between the Madewell and Zara coats for me – which one is your favorite?

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