A few weeks back, I met a really interesting and fun local blogger through the Social Media Club of Kansas City. Crystal Wayward writes Wayward Dogs, which is all about lost and wandering dogs she encounters with a few of her own fun stories about life with her two dogs mixed in. As a pet owner myself, I’ve been reading it since we met and have found both her helpful advice and hilarious anecdotes (like Scoopy’s House Rules) inspiring as a new blogger and pooch parent.

Today, my dog Cody’s rescue adoption story is featured on Wayward Dogs – all the way from the PAWS Chicago, a no-kill adoption shelter where we found him to his new backyard in Kansas City where he faces his arch nemesis on a daily basis (the squirrels).

Check out the full interview here: From a Chicago shelter to the green grass of Kansas

cody girl and town paws chicago

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