According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago-area home sales are up 28.5%, but values continue to decline. This is somewhat good news as we continue to show our condo which is for sale in Chicago right now. We’re under contract (yippee!), but it’s going to be quite a long process so we’ve worked it in the offer that we can continue to show our place while we’re waiting for a few things to get approved.

685 N. Peoria

Our Little Chicago Condo For Sale

Which means….it’s probably time for us to start to seriously look for a home in Kansas City soon. Luckily, one of my best friends – Katie Yeager – is an amazing entrepreneur and real estate broker at Your Future Address. She has a different way of doing things and I’m really excited to support her endeavor. Here’s a brief interview from earlier this year which helps explain her business concept:

Let the house-hunting begin!

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