Looking through fall lookbooks, I’m finding myself more and more attracted to gold and brass jewelry options I may have passed over last year. One particular find I’m excited about is jewelry designer Vanessa Mooney. I recently stumbled upon her designs at Standard Style (a fashion haven in Kansas unlike any other). I like the raw and edgy nature of her pieces – plus, I love that she mixes in affordable and high-end options in her collection. If that longhorn necklace is not bought by the end of August, it will be a miracle (or a tragedy, I can’t decide which is better).

GOLD JEWELRY NECKLACE RINGS\  1. Giles & Brother Brass and Braided Leather Necklace 2. Vanessa Mooney Longhorn Necklace /

\\ 3. Vanessa Mooney Falling Arrow Necklace 4. Jules Smith Edie Stacking Rings //

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