Boots and bouquets of sharpened pencils are the staples of fall for me. As yellow school buses begin to populate the suburban streets, I can’t help but be get a tad nostalgic for school days. I love grown-up office supplies and plan to furnish my one-day home office with color-coordinated files and ridiculous pink post-its. Here is some adult back to school inspiration for you:


1. Kid Made Modern Small Pencils 2. Knot & Bow: Assorted Library Cards 3. Trash Things: Bubblegum Pink Apple Ice Bucket

4. Vintage Estonian Portable Typewriter 5. Kid Made Modern Solid Tape 6. Cloud & Clover: Pencils

Bonus: Everytime I think about back to school time now, this commercial from Target makes me burst out laughing (even when I’m just singing the song in my head.) Warning! If you watch this video, you will most likely be singing the song in your head, too…